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What you will find here: Nature, photography, tattoos, video games, nerdy things, Japanese culture.

A little about me:

28 years old. From Seattle, WA. Currently in Minnesota. Married. Photographer by hobby. Lover of music. Geek / Gamer. Tattooed and modified. Pagan. Spiritual. INFJ. Aquarius sun, cancer moon.

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Autumn Stag Tattoo by pallanoph


Fushimi Inari, the number one tourist spot in Kyoto.

I never get full of this place. It’s a must-go for every first timer. This was early in the morning, so not much people were there. Some hikers, no tourists (maybe just a couple or two).

This place is still one of my recommendations to visit if you go to Kyoto.

Photos by Ean Dacay (me)

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Kelsey Garrity Riley

Welcome, September.

autumn blog all year round that follows back☾☯✿

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Mount Rainier, Washington, US (by Alan Howe)

Ready for Autumn.…and tea time.……and stormy weather.Artwork by the incredibly talented viki-vaki.